Tell Us Why Your Teacher is a Superhero! Entries Due May 2.

Day of the Teacher is May 8. To celebrate, we want to hear why your teacher is a superhero. Share your story for a chance to win a gift card! We want to hear from students AND parents from ALL academies.

How To Participate

Option 1: Film a 30 second video telling us why your teacher is a superhero. Just use your phone. No fancy production or special effects required, we just want to hear your story! Video submissions receive an extra gift card raffle entry.

Option 2: Write a short essay about how your teacher is a superhero. Please keep your submission to 250 words or less and include a photo, if you can! Essay submissions that include a photo will also get an extra gift card raffle entry.

Get Inspired

Here’s some prompts to help you get started:

  • What is your teacher’s super power?
  • “I love my teacher because …” fill in the blanks in your essay or video
  • Share a story about a time your teacher helped you solve a problem
  • Tell us about a field trip your teacher organized that you really enjoyed
  • Film / write a thank you letter or poem to your teacher

Submit Your Video/Essay

Entries are Closed!

We will compile the entries and share them on the Wire and social media for all to enjoy!

Requirements and Raffle Rules
Video files must be 10GB or less. By submitting your video, essay and/or photos you are granting Visions permission to share it on the Wire, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and with the entire Visions community. The gift card raffle will be conducted randomly. Families can submit multiple entries (ex: entry from a parent and another entry from the student about the same teacher) but if they are selected in the raffle they are only eligible to win one gift card.

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Justina Janas


    Serena Ramos says:

    I sent mines how do I check an see if you recieved it?

    Justina Janas says:

    Hi Serena,

    Yes, we received your written submission. Thank you!

    Channel Lewis says:

    I have a family that is having issues with the size of the video. It’s less than 30 secs.

    Stacey Newlun says:

    When is the drawing for the raffle?

    Justina Janas says:

    Hi Stacey,

    We will announce the raffle winners within the next week or two. Thanks!

    Stacey Newlun says:


    Robinson Basa jr says:

    How do I check if you guys received my video?

    Justina Janas says:


    Yes, we received your video. Thank you!

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