Steve Phelps’ Scholarship Open to Community College-Bound Students

Get help funding your future! Graduating seniors with a goal of attending a community college are invited to apply for a $750 scholarship offered as a part of the 12th annual Steve Phelps’ American Dream Scholarship. Application deadline April 30, 2021!

With money provided through fundraisers hosted by Visions staff, the scholarship started at the final wish of a Visions teacher we lost to ALS in 2008. Steve Phelps’ hope was for all students to realize their potential and to see that dreams come through hard work and dedication to their pursuit.

How to Apply

  • The scholarship is open to graduating seniors who plan to attend community college.
  • Students must be concurrently enrolled or have completed at least one class in community college, and have been gainfully employed at least part-time at some point during their enrollment at Visions In Education.
  • Qualifying students are asked to write a two-page essay telling a story of a person, place, or thing you find inspiring.
  • An application is also required and can be completed HERE (attach required documents).
  • This is an internal Visions scholarship, so students will only be competing against other Visions students.

Posted on March 8, 2021 by Angelica Gallardo


    Donald Bisio says:

    Is this open to students in all academies?

    Angelica Gallardo says:

    This is open to all academies

    Leslie Allen says:

    “Plan to attend” does that mean that a student could apply for the scholarship if they haven’t attended yet, and plan to attend in Fall 2021? I am confused.

    Angelica Gallardo says:

    Hi Leslie,
    The scholarship is for students that have completed at least one class in a community college AND will be attending a community college in the Fall of 2021.

    Catherine Cazier says:

    So if the plan to go to a state college can they not get this. Is it for community college only?

    Angelica Gallardo says:

    Hello Catherine,
    That’s is correct. This is only for the students that will be attending a community college.

    Bernadette Kawazoe says:

    With regard to the letter of recommendation. It says from teacher or counselor. Are you requesting that their CT write the letter for recommendation. Would a letter from her Swim Coach of six years also be an option?

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