Virtual Curriculum Fair Happening THIS Week!

Time to get ready for the 2021/22 school year–the Virtual Curriculum Fair Week is happening now! In addition to our readily available curriculum resource, we’re hosting webinars all this week in an effort to directly connect with our Curriculum Partners in real time.

The Curriculum Fair is hosted each year to assist Home School families in making knowledgeable curriculum decisions. As Covid-19 continues, we’re unable to host the event at a physical location, but our virtual version of the event will provide all the benefits of being able to research curriculum options while adding a jam-packed week of live webinars.


We have 32 webinar sessions coming to you during Virtual Curriculum Fair Week from Apr. 5-9! That’s right, that’s 32 opportunities to learn more about the partners that interest you most! Each of our participating Curriculum Partners will host an informative webinar to show you what their curriculum offers. Included in the webinar is a Q&A session for parents and teachers to ask questions. This is the best possible way to learn more about the curriculum partners while also being able to take advantage of live interaction with the experts.

Home School Curriculum Partners hosting a webinar include:

Around the World Stories
Art of Problem Solving & Beast Academy
Blackbird and Company
CompuScholar, Inc.
Exploration Education Science
Film School 4 Teens
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness (New Partner!)
History Unboxed
Hola Amigo (New Partner!)
Innovative Language Learning
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Kids Discover
Learning Without Tears
Math Revolution
Math U See/Demme Learning
Mel Science (New Partner!)
Money Munchkids
Moving Beyond the Page
MoxieBox Art
Nest/Animated Hero Classics
Oak Meadow
One Year Adventure Novel
Sew Outside The Box (New Partner!)
Studies Weekly
Visions-hosted Webinars
Zaner-Bloser (Superkids)

Webinars will be hosted from Apr. 5-9. To sign up for webinars of your choosing, do so via the 2021 Virtual Curriculum Fair Webinar Schedule (now including webinar descriptions provided by our Curriculum Partners!)


We are also once again providing a virtual curriculum resource with curriculum information, pricing, videos, web links, FAQs, and free trials/special offers provided by participating Curriculum Partners. We even have information on our NEW 2021/22 Curriculum Partners! When combined with webinars, the information-packed resource will give you everything you need to make curriculum decisions before early ordering begins on April 19.

To access the resource, visit the 2021 Virtual Curriculum Fair Resource (now including links to the recorded webinars!)

Posted on April 5, 2021 by Bethany Harris


    Eman Khalil says:

    how do I sign up

    Bethany Harris says:

    Hi Eman. The webinar schedule will be published as we get closer to the date. You can sign up for webinars at that time. The Curriculum Fair Resource will be made available Apr. 5 and will not require sign ups. Keep your eye on the Wire for updates as they become available!

    Eman Khalil says:

    Thank you so much. I will be looking out. Also can you email us as well?
    Thank you
    Eman Khalil

    Bethany Harris says:

    Hi Eman. In case you didn’t see it, the webinar sign up is now available!

    Audrey Williams says:

    I’m sad that it won’t be in person this year again.

    Bethany Harris says:

    Hi Audrey. So are we! While we wish we could host the fair in person, we hope you’ll find the virtual version of the event still provides many of the benefits of the live event and that the addition of webinars provides an “in person” feeling since the Q&A session will allow parents to speak directly with partners.

    Brandy Carlenzoli says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work on this!

    Joan Hoffman says:

    HI Bethany,
    If a parent missed a webinar, will recordings be available? If so, how?

    Bethany Harris says:

    Hi Joan. Yes, recordings will be available! We will make the webinar recordings available next week at the latest. Keep your eye on the Wire for an announcement on where and how they’re available.

    Lori Velasquez says:

    Are any of these recorded?? I totally missed this!

    Bethany Harris says:

    Hi Lori. Yes, the webinars were recorded! We are working on uploading them now, and should have them available by the end of this week.

    Katy Franson says:

    Where are the recordings posted?

    Bethany Harris says:

    Hi Katy. We just finished uploading them to the Virtual Curriculum Fair Resource (linked in the post above).

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