eVouchers Now Available for Independent Study and University Prep

Hello Independent Study and University Prep Students and Families,

As we begin the 2020/21 school year, we are excited to launch a new benefit for students in the Independent Study and University Prep academies!

New for 20/21

Students in both academies are now able to access their $300 “discretionary funds” budget to purchase eVouchers for virtual enrichment services after discussing with their teacher. Visions In Education has partnered with over 550 community partners to provide various enrichment opportunities such as tutoring, music, art and more. 

What Are eVouchers? 

eVouchers are used for enrichment services that compliment the student’s learning plan and support their student advocacy class. Students can learn a new skill and receive additional support services not available at a traditional public school. Pending your teacher and parent/guardian’s approval, eVouchers can be used for:

  • Coding, animation, art and photography lessons.
  • Advanced tutoring.
  • Music including drum, guitar, piano and singing lessons.
  • Physical education classes, karate, self-defense.
  • See more options in the community partner database here.

How To Order eVouchers

  • Independent Study: Teachers will create and approve eVouchers for their students. Parent/Guardians will sign an online waiver to approve the service.
  • University Prep: Parent/guardians will create eVouchers and submit them for the teacher’s approval.

The functionality to create eVouchers in Launchpad will become available on Tuesday, August 18. If you are interested in receiving virtual enrichment services using eVouchers, please contact your teacher!

Discretionary Funds Information

This annual budget of $300, known as “discretionary funds”, can be spent on eVouchers and directed project materials as approved by your teacher. For more information about discretionary funds, parents and students can visit the following Wire pages:

Posted on August 14, 2020 by Michael Brubaker


    James Fesik says:

    Can vouchers be used for swim classes? I used it for that purpose last year.

    Debra Bernald-Fagan says:

    I have not received any eVoucher information for my child.

    Michael Brubaker says:

    If your child is in the Independent Study academy, the teacher will need to create the eVoucher, so please work with your teacher. If your child is in the University Prep academy, you should have access to creating an eVoucher by clicking on the “New Order” button in Launchpad. However, you will still want to work with your teacher to determine which type of service would be best for your student.

    Michael Brubaker says:

    Hi James,

    With approval from your teacher, they usually can be used for swim lessons; however, due to COVID 19, eVouchers can only be created right now for virtual services.

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