Congratulations to our #VisionsFirstDay Photo Contest Winners!

We’re so excited to announce the winners of our photo contest. We received over 130 submissions on Facebook and Instagram! View the full album here.

Thank you to all that participated! We loved seeing your creativity and excitement.

Our winners are:

  • Blake T. (TK)
  • Braydon A. (grade 3) & Madisen A. (grade 8)
  • Jianna D. (grade 9), Malachi D. (grade 7), Nya D. (grade 6), Ayja D. (grade 3)
  • Owen B. (grade 7)
  • Jason T. (grade 6)
  • Addison P. (K), Jayden P. (grade 8), Zackary P. (grade 6), Kaitlyn P. (grade 3)
  • Irina N. (grade 7), Lidia N. (grade 3), Yevgenia N. (grade 10), Marina N. (grade 9)
  • Dezianna S. (KN)
  • Austin C. (grade 4)
  • Mylee M. (grade 2), Miyah M. (grade 7)

Individual and family winners will receive a $25 gift card. Parents of winners, please check your email for details.


Posted on September 20, 2017 by Justina Janas


    JeanAnn Walth says:

    awwww…. this was great participation for our first year of Visions First Day of school! Great job everyone in having your classroom up and running.

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